Moreau Reservoir Puzzle | Turn on Electricity – Resident Evil 8 Village

Resident Evil 8 Village - How to reach Windmill 2 | Moreau Reservoir Puzzle | Turn on Electricity


Use the crank to turn the windmill at the Windmill Turntable. Crank breaks at this point, now you have to find your way to reach Windmill two to get another crack. Head inside the windmill and get down the ladder.

    • At the bottom, come out onto the submerged buildings and go forward. Hit two yellow taped beams one in the front across the water and one on the right side (this will drop a new path).
View from Windmill One


    • Follow the new path to go over the top of the angled roof. Shoot the yellow-taped beam on the left to create another path. Now you can enter the shack via the newly created path.
    • Go up the stairs and push the cart (1st) into the water. Now you can drop down to your left.

From here you have to raise/pull multiple levers to raise temporary platforms/jetty (for few seconds) through which you can cross the water.

    • Open the box at the end of the pier and pull the bug-infected lever. This will raise a temporary jetty behind you, cross it to reach the other side.

    • Similarly, pull the lever marked with the color blue and orange and sprint to reach the shack on the other side.

    • Once inside the shack, you need to pull 3 levers simultaneously in a sequence (White inside shack, blue & orange color) and sprint through the temporarily raised jetty.

    • Continue to follow the path until you find another cart blocking your way. Push the cart (2nd) into the water and drop down over it to reach a shack and complete the circuit.

    • At the shack, go up the stairs and push the cart (3rd) into the water. Cross through it to reach another shack. Inside shoot the goo that blocks your path.

    • Climb the ladder on the left, then pull the lever on your right. This will raise a big boat (platform) from the water. Here you can drop down onto the boat below and pass through the cabin. Clear your way by shooting the goo to reach the second windmill tower.


    • Inside, go in the anti-clock direction, shoot the lock with yellow tape to drop a ladder, go upstairs. Collect the crank from the turntable.
    • Now you need to climb the top of the windmill. Interact with the turntable again and use the crank to rotate the windmill.
    • After rotating you can climb through the ladder on the right to reach the top of the windmill. Use the zip line to reach Windmill One.

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