Mouun Shrine Puzzle: Luxurious Chest | Genshin Impact 2.1

Mouun Shrine is at the western edge of Watatsumi island of Inazuma Region. Watatsumi Island was introduced in Genshin Impact 2.1 update, which was released on 1st September 2021. On the north side of Mouun Shrine, you will find a Rotating Cube Puzzle and on the south side, you will find a Lightning Strike Probe Puzzle. Solving both the puzzles gets you a Luxurious chest. This article shows the complete guide to get the hidden luxurious chest in Mouun SHrine.

Mouun Shrine Rotating Cube Puzzle

There are four rotating cubes on the north side of Mouun Shrine. I have numbered the cubes as shown below for easy understanding. You have to make all the cubes face inwards (make cube 1 face 3 and cube 2 face 4) to solve the puzzle. You can do so by hitting cube 1 twice, cube 2 thrice, and cube 3 once. On solving the puzzle, the Electro Seelie at the center of the cubes will start moving. Chase the Electro Seelie to its home to complete this part.

Mouun Shrine Lightning Strike Probe Puzzle

There are three Lightning Strike Probes on the south side of Mouun Shrine. All three probes are sealed. North of the probes you will see a statue with an immovable Electro Seelie above it. Pay respect to the statue to unseal the Lightning Strike Probes.

To solve the Lightning Strike Probe Puzzle you need to activate all three probes. A Lightning Strike probe can be activated by aligning the arrow at its top to the protruding edge of its base. The arrow points towards a charged object. There are two moving Electro Seelies near the probes. Electro Seelie will keep changing position from one probe to another. Get charged from the Electro Seelie and stand in front of one of the three probe’s protruding edge to activate it. Other two will be activated when Electro Seelies change position and get in front of them. When all the three probes are activated simultaneously, the puzzle will be solved and the Electro Seelie above the statue will start moving. Chase the Electro Seelie to its home to complete this part.

Mouun Shrine Luxurious Chest

After solving both the above-mentioned puzzles, when you have chased the two Electro Seelies to their home, a hidden Luxurious chest will appear.

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