Mt. Yougou Relay Stone Puzzle | Genshin Impact 2.0 (Inazuma Guide)

There is a relay stone puzzles in Mt. Yougou in Narukami Island of Genshin Impact 2.0 (Inazuma Region). Solving a relay stone puzzle will grant you access to a Luxurious Chest. This walkthrough will show the location and solution of the relay stone puzzle in Mt. Yougou.

How to solve Relay Stone Puzzles?

A relay stone puzzle has 3 components:
DISCHARGE STONE (DS): Shoots a harmless electric current.
CUMULATION STONE (CS): Absorbs the electrical energy from Discharge Stone.
RELAY STONES (RS): Conducts the current released by Discharge Stone.
To solve the puzzle you must complete the circuit: the current from Discharge Stone must reach the Cumulation Stone. You’ll have to use the relay stones to complete the circuit. There will be multiple relay stones in the area which can be picked-up and positioned anywhere. To solve the puzzle, you must position the relay stones in such a way that the current released from Discharge Stone reaches the Cumulation Stone. After the circuit is complete, an exquisite chest will appear and its loot will be yours.

Mt. Yougou Relay Stone Puzzle

Check the images below to see the location and solution of this relay stone puzzle. There are 2 RELAY STONES here: one is static (can’t be moved) and the other one (near static RS) can be picked-up. There are 2-steps for completing this puzzle.

STEP 1: Connect the Discharge Stone with Static Relay Stone.
Pick-up the Relay Stone and place it mid-air between Discharge Stone and Static Relay Stone. This will connect the 2 stones. [NOTE: You’ll see a SEELIE mid-air between the two stones. This is a hint showing you where you should place the Relay Stone].

STEP 2: Connect the Static Relay Stone with Cumulation Stone.
For this step, you must yourself act as a Relay Stone [NOTE: You can act as a connector/conductor if you’re affected by Electro]. First, get hit by the shockwave static relay stone is producing so that you get affected by Electro. Now, glide towards the Cumulation Stone and stay mid-air (where the SEELIE is) to connect the two stones. Once the connection is established and the circuit is complete the exquisite chest will spawn near the static relay stone. Go and Loot it!

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