Murmuring Hollow Relic Ruin Walkthrough | Horizon Forbidden West Burning Shores DLC

This article will guide you through the “Murmuring Hollow Relic Ruin” in Burning Shores DLC of Horizon Forbidden West. The Burning Shores DLC introduces three new side quests.

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Murmuring Hollow Relic Ruin is located in the central part of the map. Head to the location and then use Aloy’s Sunwing to fly to the rooftop location that has a blue metal door. Once inside, scan the purple datapoint to uncover that the door code for the Murmuring Hollow Relic Ruins is 1315.

Head outside to the nearby campfire, Go near the cliff behind the fire, use the metal bar, and rappel down to an underground area with some train cars. Pry open the train door on the left and then pull the lever. This will slightly shift the train, allowing players to remove the energy cell from the side.

Next, insert the energy cell into the slot of the opposite train and pull the lever inside the railway car to reverse its direction.

Going to the right-hand side door and entering the four-digit code (1315). Head inside to find a Ball Ornament on a box.

Additionally, you can also bring the energy cell and insert it into the slot in the Ornament room to unlock the door. There is an Auxiliary Key Module (I) inside.

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