Music Box Puzzle: House Beneviento | Resident Evil 8 Village Walkthrough

Resident Evil Village | How to Solve Music Box Puzzle in House Beneviento

    • At Doll Workshop, examine the left leg of the doll get Winding Key
    • Examine the left hand to get the Blood Covered Ring
    • Remove right shoulder to get a Silver Key
    • Head inside the Medical Room on the east (using the silver key) and wash off the blood to reveal the code.
    • Head of wash off the blood to reveal the code 27-09-17 Enter the code into the lock to open the door.
    • Follow the hallway to reach the Storage Room (the first door on the left).
    • You will find a Music Box on the table. Use the Winding Key on the music box to open the front panel.
    • Arrange the cylinders so that the deep scratch marks line up. Line up the wear and tear on the metalwork and turn the key.
      • 2, 4, 1, 5, 3 (right arrangement)
    • Complete the puzzle correctly to receive the Tweezers

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