Myrkr Tunnels: All Collectible Locations | God of War Ragnarok

This guide will show you where to find all of the Collectibles in the area of “Myrkr Tunnels” in God of War Ragnarok released on November 8th, 2022. There are 3 Collectibles in Myrkr Tunnels which is part of the area of Svartalfheim.

1) Yggdrasil Rift

To reach Myrkr Tunnels after the story, travel to the Mystic Gateway Svartalfheim > Nidavellir Beach

Ride the wooden train up the hill to reach the Forge area. Then proceed to the end of the wooden ramp until you find a black hole in the ground.

Climb down to re-enter the tunnels.

Inside the tunnel, take the first right and then another right. The Yggdrasil Rift will be there.

2) Legendary Chest (Fog of Fimbulwinter – Heavy Runic Attack)

Enter the room (water puzzle room) in front of the Yggdrasil Rift. Take the left exit and continue straight until you reach a dead end. Shoot purple arrows at the red vines, then ignite them with your chaos blades. The legendary chest is hidden behind the vines.

3) Nornir Chest

Go back into the previous room (water puzzle room) and crouch through the hole in the left wall (See the second picture below). To unlock the Nornir chest, you need to ignite the torch above three seals.

The first torch is in front of the Nornir chest as shown in the picture below. Pres L2+R2 to ignite the torch. The second torch is behind some crates in the same hallway as the previous one as shown in the second picture below. Break the crates and then ignite the torch.

The third and final torch is on the left side of the chest. This torch cannot be ignited with your blade. Hit the barrel next to the torch and it will spill some oil on the ground as shown in the picture below. Now shoot a few purple arrows in the area and hit them with your blade. this will ignite the oil and the torch. This will unlock the chest. Open it to get an Idunn Apple.

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