New Pokemon Snap: A Figure of Beauty (How to Guide)

Where To Find Liepard & Setting Up A Figure Of Beauty

Professor Mirror will give you requests to do the ‘A Figure of Beauty’ request. The request is to snap a 4-star picture of Lieparda when standing on their hind legs.

    • Visit Founja Jungle (Night) at research level 1. 
    • Throw fluffruits to drop Abrok from the top of the tree (at the start) to make the Liepard run away. 
    • Move a little ahead & throw Orb on the Liepard on the right side to make it run away.   
    • Before the swamp (near the mountain) play the melody to make Liepard on top of the trees (on the left side) jump down and run away. 
    • All the Liepards will assemble a little bit ahead.
    • Throw an Illumina Orb on one of the Lieparda to make them stand on their hind legs (4-star pose) and take a picture.

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