New Pokemon Snap: A New Way to Dance (How to Guide)

Cradily 4 Star Pose Request: A New Way to Dance | New Pokemon Snap Guide

Professor Mirror will give you requests to do the ‘A New Way To Dance request. The request is to take a pic of a 4-Star Pose of Cradily.

    • Go to Lental Seafloor (undersea). 
    • You’ll find a few Cradilys in the patch of tall seaweed after the first area of Undersea. Scan the area to spot the Cradily. 
    • If the Cradily is asleep, you’ll need to wake it up first by throwing a fluffruit at it. 
    • Throw an Illumina orb at any of the Cradily. This will cause it to extend its neck up. 
    • Once the Cradily’s neck is extended, get it to dance by playing Melody (4-star pose). 
    • Snap a photo of it dancing to complete the request. 
    • Note: Cradily can dance without the Illumina glow as well. But the request is fulfilled only if it has the Illumina glow. 

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