New Pokemon Snap: Lucky Four Leaf Clover (How to Guide)

Luvdisc 4 Star Pose Request: Lucky Four Leaf Clover | New Pokemon Snap Guide

Professor Mirror will give you requests to do the ‘Lucky Four Lead Clover request. The request is to take a pic  4 Stars Pose of Luvdisc.

    • Go to Lental Seafloor (undersea). 
    • On the main course of Undersea, there are 2 crystablooms as you ascend the cavern towards the endpoint. 
    • Lighting up the second (last) crystabloom will attract 4 Luvdisc. 
    • Light up the last crystabloom with an Illumina orb. 4 Luvdisc will then group right above it. 
    • Once they’re grouped, play Melody to make them turn on their side (resembling the shape of a four-leaf clover)Take a photo of them doing this to complete the request. 

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