New Pokemon Snap: Near the Water’s Edge (How to Guide)

Pikachu 4 Star Pose | Near The Water's Edge Request: New Pokemon Snap Guide

Professor Mirror will give you requests to do the ‘Near the Water’s Edge’ request. The request is to snap a 4-star picture of Pikachu surf boating.

    • This request unlocks after reaching research level 3 at Beach (Day). 
    • Pikachu is on the beach and Stunfisk is on a small sand-island nearby. 
    • Lure Pikachu to Stunfisk by throwing fluffruits. 
    • When Pikachu gets near the Stunfisk, it’ll start surf boating the stunfisk (4-star pose).
    • Take a snap of Pikachu surf boating to complete the request.

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