New Pokemon Snap: Three in a Row (How to Guide)

Exeggutor 4 Star Pose: Three in a Row Request | New Pokemon Snap Guide

Professor Mirror will give you requests to do the ‘Three in a Row’ request. The request is to snap a 4-star picture of three exeggutors taking nap.

    • Visit Blushing Beach (Day) 
    • You can find Exeggutors as soon as the course starts. 
    • Lure exeggutors (by throwing fluffruits) to the resting place. 
    • An exeggutor is already taking a nap. That is the resting place. 
    • You need to lure 2 more exeggutors to the resting place and take a photo of three of them taking a nap together (4-star pose) to complete the request. 

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