New World: Where To Find Boatswain Ambrose in Nyhart’s Anchorage

  • Post published:September 30, 2021
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This is a walkthrough of the quest “One Threat at a Time” where a player is tasked with taking out a couple of pirate leaders at Nyhart’s Anchorage. Boatswain Ambrose is one of the NPC pirates along with other pirates’ enemies that you need to defeat as part of the ‘One Threat at a Time’ quest. Boatswain Ambrose’s location can be difficult to locate due to the lack of information given by the game.

Where To Find Nyhart’s Anchorage

Nyhart’s Anchorage is a beached pirate ship and small village, more of a landmark than a proper settlement. This landmark is located to the south of Windsward Hamlet and to the north of Las Torres Bay. I’ve attached a map of its vital location. The landmark is home to a massive ship and wooden docks.

Where To Find Boatswain Ambrose In Nyhart’s Anchorage

The marker for Boatswain Ambrose to the north pinpoints Boatswain Ambrose’s location is a little trickier to figure out. Instead of going directly to the marker, the players searching for Boatswain Ambrose (pirate NCP) should head down below the docks to find the entrance to his hideout. This entrance is within a stone bridge built with an arch.

Under the docks and stonework bridges, and you’ll see a big opening leading into a cave. As you enter the cave hideout, you will find hostile enemies, such as Anchorshot Pistolers and possibly others. These enemies are guarding the way to their boss and you need to eliminate them. Head deeper into the tunnel to find Boatswain Ambrose resting on wooden crates.

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