Nier Replicant – All 15 Fish Name, Locations, Bait Requirement & How to Fish

How to Fish in Nier Replicant, Fish Locations & Bait Requirements

There are 15 fishes in NeiR Replicant. Fish can be caught and sold for money. Some of these fishes are also required toward the completion of certain quests and two achievements. 

Every fish requires a particular kind of bait to catch. This table will guide you about all fish names, their location, and required baits.

Below the table you can see the fishing controls guide.

List of Fish: Nier Replicant

*Start pulling the left stick backwards right after the first bite for the starred fishes. For rest you need to pull the left stick after the third bite.

No.Fish NameBaitLocation
1Shaman FishLureSeafront – Beach on west side
2SardineLugwormSeafront – Beach
3BlowfishLugwormSeafront – Pier
4BreamLureSeafront – Pier
5SharkSardineSeafront – Pier
6Blue Marlin*SardineSeafront – Pier
7DunkleosteusSardineSeafront – Pier
8Rainbow TroutLureNorthern Plains, at the dock to the northeast of the bridge.
9CarpEarthwormNier Village, near the waterwheel
10Black BassLureNier Village, near the waterwheel
11Giant Catfish*CarpEastern Road (East of Nier Village), in the pond
12Royal FishEarthwormEastern Road (East of Nier’s village), in the pond
13HyneriaSardineDesert – near fast travel boat
14Sandfish*LureDesert – near fast-travel boat
15RhizodontSardineDesert – near fast-travel boat

Fishing Controls & How to Fish in Nier Replicant​

Once you have reached the correct fishing spot, you will see the fishing icon on the top right of the screen. Press the fishing button (O/B) and select your bait of choice. You can refer to the above table for the required bait. A line is automatically cast once the bait is selected.

Wait for the fish to bite. You observer some smaller bites initially. When the rod bends significantly, (observed normally at 3rd bite), press O/B to hook the fish. After that, pull back the left stick opposite to the direction of the fish movement.

Fishing Guide Nier Replicant
Rod not bend yet
Fishing Guide Nier Replicant
Rod bends significantly

During all this action of pulling back the stick in the opposite direction of fish movement, you will observe depleting energy bar of fish at the bottom of the screen. If you do it the right way, the energy bar will be depleted more quickly. Once the energy bar is Zero (0), the fish will be caught automatically.

Fishing Guide Nier Replicant
Engery bar decrese as fish struggle

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