NieR Replicant: The Lighthouse Lady’s Wrath Quest

The Lighthouse Lady’s Wrath

Talk to Devola in the Village’s Tavern again to start the “The Lighthouse Lady’s Wrath” quest.

Go to Seafront. Inside the post office, you’ll find both the Postman and the Lighthouse lady. You need to talk to Postman after the cutscene. 

When you leave the post office ‘Grimoire Weiss’ (book) will tell you that something is wrong. Head back inside the post office and speak with the postman. The postman will tell you to go into the back room to get a parcel for him. 

Move the boxes out of the way to access the back room and interact with the letters on the table. See above image for reference.

Talk to the Postman again, and he’ll give you a letter for the old woman.

Now return to the lady in the lighthouse, choosing either of the two. 

Give her the letter and perpetuate the lie – This will complete this quest without reward.

Tell her that her lover is dead – This will complete this quest with 1000 gold.

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