NieR Replicant 2021 Trophy Guide and Tips

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In NieR Replicant ver.1.22474487139… you can unlock a total of 47 trophies. In this Trophy Guide, we show you all the trophies and how to achieve them. The trophy list for this version is largely the same as the original game if you are familiar with it. It includes 5 new trophies. 

NieR Replicant 2021 Trophy Guide

Trophy NameHow to UnlockTrophy
GratitudeGive Louise’s letter to the postmanBronze
The Little MermaidDefeated Louise inside five minutesBronze
DaredevilEndanger yourself 10 times to discover someone’s secret.Bronze
Dear DiaryClear all 15 Nightmares dungeonsBronze
The Final VerseUnlock all trophiesPlatinum
The Book of LegendHave Grimoire Weiss join youBronze
The Wild CompanionHave Kaine join your partyBronze
The Mellow CompanionHave Emil joined your partyBronze
ReleaseFree Kaine from her petrificationBronze
Key CollectorUnlock the key to the Shadowlord’s CastleBronze
A World in FluxDefeat the Shadowlord.Bronze
Combo FanaticPerform a 50-hit comboBronze
Combo MasterPerform a 100-hit comboSilver
The Magic ManLearn all types of magic (Sealed Verses)Bronze
WordsmithCollect 50% of all WordsBronze
Weapons CollectorFind all weaponsSilver
Village HandymanComplete 10 questsBronze
Jack of All TradesComplete 20 questsBronze
Go-to GuyComplete 30 questsSilver
Man of MeansAccumulate 1,000,000 pieces of goldBronze
Educated WarriorRead the final novel segmentBronze
Call Her BackView Ending A (first ending)Silver
Lingering MemoriesView Ending B (second ending)Silver
Thank YouView Ending C (third ending)Gold
Something Very SpecialView Ending D (fourth ending)Gold
Legendary GardenerSuccessfully cultivate the legendary flower (Lunar Tear)Bronze
Fish of LegendCatch a RhizodontBronze
A Round by the PondCatch every type of fishSilver
Material HunterCollect 50 types of raw materialsBronze
Upgrade ApprenticeUpgrade 5 weapons to the maximum levelBronze
Reform SpecialistUpgrade 15 weapons to the maximum levelBronze
Forging MasterUpgrade 30 weapons to the maximum levelSilver
All Aboared!Ride a boar for at least 5 minutesBronze
The Sheep WhispererKill 100 sheepBronze
Lightspeed FighterClear the game within 15 hoursSilver
King of the Lost ShrineDefeat Gretel within two and a half minutesSilver
A True FriendDefeat a Shade Kaine within one minuteSilver
Boss of the Junk HeapDefeat P-33 within four and a half minutesSilver
Scourge of the AerieDefeat Wendy within eight and a half minutesSilver
Protector of FacadeDefeat Roc within three and a half minutesSilver
Permission GrantedDefeat the Betrayers within two and a half minutesSilver
A Dirge for the HeroDefeat Goose within two minutesSilver
Soul CrusherDefeat the Betrayers again within three and a half minutesSilver
Book BurnerDestroy Grimoire Noir within one and a half minutes.Silver
The Once and Final KingDefeat the Shadowlord within three and a half minutesSilver
The Strongest BondDefeat Shade Kaine (Final) within three and a half minutesSilver

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