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  • Post published:May 29, 2021
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NONO ROOTNEST 7G - BIOMUTANT: How to Complete Area Objectives

Nono Rootnest 7G is a Location in Biomutant. The following objectives become available when you reach Nono Rootnest 7G:

      • Green ATM x 1
      • Resource Totem x 1
      • Mount Pip Food x 1
    • Green ATM and Mount Pip Food are located on the west side of Nono Rootnest.
    • Green ATM is below the bridge beside a river.
    • Mount Pip Food is near the road not very far from Green ATM in the form of stack of branches.
    • Resource Totem is on the eastern end of the Nono Rootnest.
    • Its totem is made of E-waste.

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