Sorrow Valley Secret Area Locations: Oddworld Soulstorm (Walkthrough)

Oddworld: Soulstorm – How to get all secret areas in Sorrow Valley

Secret area #1

In Sorrow Valley, you have to pass through seven flying sligs (drones). Here you have to possess one (more if needed) and shoot other sligs. Once you have killed all other enemies, use it to shoot barricades blocking the way on the lower levels on the right side. The first secret area is at the lowest level.

Secret area #2


As you continue the journey, you’ll come across a ladder. After climbing the ladder, you will notice the hanging monkey bars on your left. Use these monkey bars to land on the platform ahead at the top, and there you will find the next secret area.

Secret area #3

As you move to the next area, you’ll encounter a few sleeping Sligs and mines. After passing through these sligs and mines, you will see the mine entrance. Drop down one level below the mine entrance and follow the path till the end to reach the third secret area

Secret area #4

After coming out of the underground mine, you will again face flying drone sligs. Here also, you have to possess one (more if needed) sligs and shoot other sligs. Once you have killed all other enemies, destroy the red tube at the bottom (see image) to stop the red-colored laser beams and, this will clear the path to the fourth secret area.

Secret area #5

In the new area, you will have to possess one sligs (more if needed) to clear the area. You will find three levers that need to pull using possess sligs to open the blockage. Also, set the complete wooden structure on fire to open a new way for the fifth secret area.

Secret area #6

At the end of your journey, you’ll come across the bird portal (see image). You need to jump down to the bottom to find the last secret area.

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