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Assassin's Creed Valhalla: How to Get Delicacies for Skald's Rest Mystery

You can find the Skald’s Rest Offering Altar in the city of Dublin just north of the King’s Hall and close to Dubgaill’s Landing.

At this altar, you need to make an offering of 50 Delicacies. Delicacies are a special type of offering you’re going to get from the trading posts. You need to liberate trading posts to start farming Delicacies.

Two trading posts that can be used for farming are ATHLONE & ARDMEL trading posts.

ATHLONE Trading post – It is located at the south-eastern corner of the Connacht area in Dublin.

ARDMEL Trading post – It is located at the north-eastern corner of the Connacht area in Ulster.

Liberate these two posts will help you to generate 1 x Delicacies each per minute 

Note: These trading posts can be liberated only after completing the main story quest “Rathdown Build Up”.

Delicacies generated from these trading posts can be collected from AZAR’s Trade Chest in Dublin.

You can also get delicacies as random loot from chests, anywhere between 3 to 10 delicacies depending on the size of the chest.

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