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Okú’s Triada Relic” is a Treasure Hunt in Far Cry 6 where a player needs to explore an estate at night to find the truth behind Triada treasure. This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of Oku’s Triada Relic treasure hunt quest. This treasure hunt is only playable at night.

Starting Location: Okú’s Triada Relic

This treasure hunt is only playable at night. Visit the treasure hunt “Okú’s Triada Relic” starting location at night. I’ve marked the location of the treasure hunt starting point on the map. Read the letter posted near the door. The letter says that the estate is closed and an investigation is underway to find the truth behind Triada treasure and you can access the estate at night only.

Objectives: Uncover the mystery of the estate

Step #1: Look like weird things happen at night
Your goal as the treasure hunt begins is to enter the house at night. Enter the first room on the right, which has several mirrors. Walk past all mirrors to cause them to explode, with the exception of one mirror that remains intact. You must shoot that intact mirror to reveal a switch hidden behind it. Press the switch to open a room on the same floor directly across from the mirror room.

Step #2
Now enter the newly unlocked room and look for three switches on the table. Read the note in the same room for a hint on how to press three switches in the correct order: Middle, Left, and Right. When done correctly, all 12 TV screens will turn off, and the path to the upstairs will become accessible.

Step #3
Head upstairs that leading to a room with a piano. Read the note on the piano and look out the window. A bolt of lightning will strike the well outside. When you turn around, a new room will appear behind the piano and wardrobe.

Step #4
Enter into the newly opened room behind the piano/wardrobe and collect the dungeon key. Now, head downstairs and use it on the dungeon door. Head through and follow the path downstairs.

Step #5
Follow the linear path inside the dungeon to reach an area with a wooden barricade on the door. Destroy the wooden barricade to get to a room that has moving dummies holding fake shotguns.

On the pillar at the left end of the room is a red button. Simply walk past the dummies and press this button to blow open the well outside.

Step #6: I should see what’s down the well
Now, your next task is to reach the well. There are two ways to reach the well.
a. Simple leave the building and walk close to the boundary wall to reach the well
b. Take the door across from the red button and in the last room grapple up to the rooftop. Then use the zipline to slide down to the well.

Step #7
Use the grappling hook above the well to descend into it. You can swing over to an optional chest near the bottom of the well, which contains Oku’s Deliverance (Leg Gear) and The Doublon (Charm).

Then use the grappling hook above the well again to climb a little bit up and swing over to the main treasure location to find Oku’s Triada Relic, which ends the Treasure Hunt.

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