Old Vanarana Luxurious Chest Location | Genshin Impact 3.0

This guide shows how the location of the Luxurious Chests in Old Vanarana in the game of Genshin Impact 3.0. You will also earn an achievement while playing the game to collect the Luxurious Chest. 

Step 1

Head to Old Vanarana which is located on the western side of the map and kill 7 Abyssal Mages. I have marked the location on the map below.

Step 2

Head to the Statue of Seven and kill the Abyss Heralds near it. This opponent will appear after you kill all seven Abyssal Mages. You will earn the achievement “Song of Night and Dawn”

Also, collect the Luxurious Chests near the Statue of Seven.

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  1. Dan

    Very important! Make sure you also extinguish the fires but the abyss mages. I thought my game was bugged.

    1. zonk

      thank you so much

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