Omnium Beast VII Vehicle Parts Locations | Tower of Fantasy

This guide shows how to get the Omnium Beast VII Vehicle in the Tower of Fantasy game. To unlock the vehicle you need three items: Omnium Beast Cockpit, Omnium Beast Left Arm, and Omnium Beast Right Arm.

Where to find Omnium Beast Cockpit

To get Omnium Beast Cockpit, first, you need to complete Hyenas Banges Base Side Quest on the small island west of Banges as shown in the picture below.

On completing the quest, you will get access to Hyenas’ Secret Banges Base. Open the supply pod there as shown in the picture below to get Omnium Beast Cockpit.

Where to find Omnium Beast Left Arm

Go to HT201 Shelter at the southern tip of Banges as shown in the picture below. In the shelter, you will find a barrier with a keypad next to it. Enter Password-1647 on the keypad to remove the barrier. Then go inside the room and get Omnium Beast Left Arm from the supply pod inside as shown in the third picture below. This supply pod is time-gated, which means you won’t be able to open it until you progress up to a certain point in the story.

How to get Omnium Beast Right Arm

Omnium Beast Right Arm is dropped by Behemoth. Behemoth is found at three locations as shown with red circles on the map below. The drop rate of Omnium Beast Right Arm is very low (<1%) and you might need to fight Behemoth hundreds of times before you get it. You can fight Behemoth at all these three locations without any daily limit.

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