One Piece Odyssey: All 7 Cube Fragment Locations in Lake Shore Cave

This article will guide you to find the locations of all 7 cube fragments in Lake Shore Cave for the game One Piece Odyssey. You can collect cube fragments to upgrade the skills of all characters in your party. Each character has its own set of cube fragments. You will also unlock an achievement or trophy for collecting all the cube fragments.

1) Luffy’s Cube Fragment x3

After entering the Lake Shore Cave and defeating the Death Squirrel. The cube fragment is available just after the cutscene where you get your powers back and learn about cube fragments. Break down the breakable wall to find the Luffy Cube Fragment x3

2) Nami’s Cube Fragment

Look straight from the previous collectible to locate a tall pillar. Jump across to the next spot. Turn around and scale the tall pillar to locate the cube fragment near a chest.

3) Zoro’s Cube Fragment

On the right, you will see a Knight Statue. The next fragment is behind the statue.

4) Luffy’s Cube Fragment

Climb up using the grappling point and the ladder on the left. When you reach the top platform, you’ll notice a grilled gate. Change characters to Zoro to demolish it. Breakable the wall ahead, and gaze straight to discover another Luffy’s Cube Fragment x1

5) Usopp’s Cube Fragment

From the previous location, turn back and head right, and go down the platforms. Defeat all the enemies at the bottom and then head left. You will find the cube fragment in plain sight.

6) Chopper’s Cube Fragment

From the previous location, turn left and look up, you will find Chopper’s Cube Fragment x1.

7) Robin’s Cube Fragment

From the previous collectible, jump down and head left, and climb up the ledge. Turn right and climb up the ledge again. Now look up and use the grappling point to reach the top of the platform. Once you reach the top, go left to find the Robin’s Cube Fragment x1.

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