One Piece Odyssey: All 8 Cube Fragment Locations in Waford South

This article will guide you to find the locations of all 8 cube fragments in the Waford South area for the game One Piece Odyssey. You can collect cube fragments to upgrade the skills of all characters in your party. Each character has its own set of cube fragments. You will also unlock an achievement or trophy for collecting all the cube fragments.

1) Sanji’s Cube Fragment

The first two cube fragments are located on the island on the eastern part of the Waford South. #1 is located near the broken pillar.

2) Nami’s Cube Fragment

Located below a tree.

3) Nami’s Cube Fragment

It is inside a cave on the western side of the area as shown in the map below. You need to switch to Chopper to enter the cave.

4) Luffy’s Cube Fragment

On the left side near the mountain wall.

5) Chopper’s Cube Fragment

Located near the giant pillar

6) Sanji’s Cube Fragment

Located on a stone in front of the waterfall.

7) Usopp’s Cube Fragment

The cube fragment is on a rock near the river at the marked location.

8) Zoro’s Cube Fragment

Below the cocount tree

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