Find a Way to Open the Castle Gate | Resident Evil 8 Village (Guide)

Castle Dimitrescu: How to Open the Castle Gate | Resident Evil 8 Village

The Gate to Castle Dimitrescu needs two crests to unlock it.

      • Maiden Crest: Inside Church
      • Demon Crest: In Luiza’s House

Maiden Crest

You can find the crest from the altar inside the church.

Demon Crest:

    • Go to the building (Luzia’s House) through the Fallow plot. You will find the building gate is locked from the inside.
    • Find shelter in Luiza’s house: Enter into a small house near the gate and make a new friend. Jump inside the building via a broken brick wall. Open the gate to let your friends inside and enter the building.
    • Escape the house
      • collect ‘Truck Key’ from the green drawer in the kitchen, on the right of the garage room, and examine it to obtain the Screwdriver. 
      • Use the key to start the truck, then drive it through the wall. Climb up the building and escape from the window.
      • when you are outside use the Screwdriver on the shrine to retrieve the Demon Crest

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