Open the Safe and Take out the Deed in the Password Honkai Star Rail

This article provides guidance on unlocking the safe and retrieving the deed password during the Luofu Myths quest: Haunted House of Honkai Star Rail.

The puzzle is based on the nine-square grid numbers that need to be pressed in the correct sequence. A clue as per note is: M is 71839, N is 7193, V is 183, then the safe password is “T”

Got it. It seems like you’re using the nine-square grid to form letters based on the sequence of numbers. Following the pattern you’ve described:

  • Joining 7-1-8-3-9 in a sequence forms M.
  • Joining 7-1-9-3 in a sequence forms M.
  • Joining 1-8-3 in a sequence forms V.

If we apply the same pattern to T, it would be formed by joining 1-3-2-8. Therefore, T would be represented by 1328 in this context.

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