Oridys’s Rise: Seek Three Wise Beasts Locations Puzzle | Elden Ring

  • Post published:February 27, 2022
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This guide shows how to solve the “Seek Three Wise Beasts” puzzle in Oridy’s Rise tower in Elden Ring. After solving the puzzle, you will be able to get a Memory Stone. Oridy’s Ride is on the east side of the Weeping peninsula at the location marked in the pictures below.

Oridy’s Rise: Seek Three Wise Beasts

Read the note at the bottom of the stairs of the tower. The note says “Seek three wise beasts”. After reading the note, climb the stairs and go near the sealed door as shown in the picture below. This will make tree turtles spawn in the area. You will have to find and hit the three turtles to break the seal of the door.

As you go down the stairs of the tower, you will see one of the turtles behind the bushes on the right side of the stairs. Another turtle will be right ahead of you as you go down the stairs as shown in the pictures below. Go and hit the turtles.

The third turtle is a bit difficult to find. Go to the small pond on the south side of the tower. At the center of the pond, you will see ripples in the water as shown in the picture below. The third turtle is underneath the water at this location. Hit the water and this will make the turtle appear. Hitting the three turtles will unseal the tower. Enter the tower and climb up the ladder. At the top of the tower, you will find a chest containing a Memory Stone.

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