Out of the Blue Quest: Open Sesame Seed Puzzle | Fallout 76 Steel Reign Walkthrough

Out of the Blue

‘Out of the Blue’ is the third quest of Fallout 76’s eighth major expansion, Steel Reign, that concludes the Brotherhood of Steel storyline. The quest starts automatically after completing the main mission ‘Missing Persons’. Go to the bottom of the page to see the video walkthrough of the ‘Out of the Blue’ mission.

For the first objective go to Fort Atlas and talk to Paladin Rahmani about missing people. At the entrance, turn left and go down the stairs to find Paladin Rahmani. She will ask you to investigate Blue Ridge Caravan Company’s office at the west end of the Big Bend tunnel. Big Bend Tunnel is at the southwest portion of the map as shown in the picture below.

Go and meet Rahmani at the Blue Ridge Caravan Company’s office. You will find Rahmani sitting at the bar inside the building. You can choose to flirt with Rahmani and enjoy a drink with her at the bar. After you are done, follow Rahmani upstairs to Jonna Mayfield’s office to get information about the missing people. Jonna will offer the services of Aries to look for the missing people from the Blue Ridge caravan. Aries will ask you to meet at Harpers Ferry Train tunnel on the eastern side of the map, as shown in the picture below.

Go inside the Harpers Ferry Train tunnel and talk to Rahmani. Move ahead in a linear path. You will have to kill a few Feral Ghouls before you find Aries. He will open a secret door, then head further into the tunnel until you reach the door leading to the camp. Unfortunately, the door leading to the camp is locked down. To remove the lockdown, you have to go to the pump room behind a massive impenetrable wall of strangler vines.

Gain access to the Lab Room: Open Sesame Seed Puzzle

To be able to destroy the strangler vines, your next objective is to gain access to the lab room. Collect three documents to get hints on how to enter the lab room. Read the ‘Reminder about Password’ notice at the left of the lab door to know about the new encryption system required to enter the lab. Turn around and go to the other end and read the document kept on the table to know the password required to open the lab door. The new password is ‘Open Sesame Seed’ that needs to be decrypted. Collect ‘IT Work Order’ from the corner at the right of the lab door to get an idea of how to decrypt the password.

On collecting the three documents you will get two hints.
Hint 1: Open Sesame Seed
Hint 2: Look for the number conversion chart
‘Open Sesame Seed’ is the password that needs to be decrypted. To decrypt the password you will need to find a number conversion chart. The number conversion chart is on a blackboard at the corner of the room as shown in the picture below.

The number conversion chart has numbers written below the English alphabet. To decrypt the password replace the alphabets from ‘Open Sesame Seed’ with the corresponding numbers. Interact with the three password panels to the left of the lab door and enter the passwords. Then press the red button next to the panels to open the lab door.
Password Panel 1: Open (12-11-22-13)
Password Panel 2: Sesame (8-22-8-26-14-22)
Password Panel 3: Seed (8-22-22-23)

Inside the lab, Rahmani will inspect the chemical and tell you that it’s a potent herbicide that can weaken the vines. Herbicide could be dispersed using the waterline. Follow the objective marker to find an access point for the water system. As Rahmani disperses the chemicals you will need to fend off the attacking Feral Ghouls.

Once the chemicals have been dispersed, destroy the strangler vines to reach the pump room. Inside the pump room, you will have to defeat the hostile robot and then disable the lock-down using a terminal.

Go back to Aries and he will open the door leading to the camp. Enter the caravan site and your next objective will be to investigate the caravan site. Collect three documents (Caravan Manifest, Cassie’s Journal, Damn Radstorms) and then give the evidence to Paladin Rahmani. Rahmani will review the evidence and inform you that Blue Caravan does not have the hand in the disappearances. Campers were attacked by ‘Hellcat’ mercenaries employed by someone named Dr. Blackburn. Dr. Blackburn abducted campers and performed experiments on them. This completes the mission.

Video Walkthrough

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