Outriders Deadrock Pass Journals Locations Guide

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How To Find All Journals Locations in Outriders Deadrock Pass

There are a total of 4 Journals you can find in the Deadrock Pass Region of Outriders.

#1 Alastair Cullen’s Journal – There are two Big bridge-like structures at both ends of the camp area. You will find Alastair Cullen’s Journal (Private Journals) just before one of these bridges on the left side, lying on the ground near a blue color iron drum.

#2 The Crisis Journal – You can find this journal at the other bridge-like structure. This ‘The Endless War ‘ journal is inside a garage on the right-hand side just after the big bridge.

#3 The Great Extinction – This journal is near the #2 journal only. You need to take the stairs on the right-hand side just before the bridge-like structure and go on the rooftop. You will find this ‘The Great Extinction’ Journal on a military box.

#4 A Joint Effort – This journal is a part of ‘The Endless War’ journal. You can find this journal at ‘Forestry track’. Journal is near a corpse on the left track between ‘Fast travel flag pole’ and ‘Digging Crane’.


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