Outriders Eagle Peaks Journals Locations Guide

  • Post published:April 3, 2021
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How To Find All 10 Journals Locations in Outriders Eagle Peaks

There are a total of 10 Journals you can find in the Eagle Peaks Region of Outriders.

The Journal is an abstract of information in Outriders. The Journal, allows you to find information about characters, enemies, locations, collectible journals, and much more. Journals are unlocked after completing particular missions, encountering specific persons or enemies, or gathering specific journal entries.

#1 Flores Engine Report: It is located within the camp area of Eagle peak. You can find it on top of military boxes kept in open.

#2 The Second Anomaly Storm – You can find this journal at Bunker Cable Car Station. Take the stairs on the right side, where you can see the area objective “Open the Door” icon. Journal is lying on the ground in between two tents.

#3 A Foreign Agent: This Journal is located in Snowy Plateau. Go straight from the Fast Travel Flag Post. You will find the journal on the left side near a dead body.

#4 Locked In – This Journal is located at Snowy Plateau. Take the upstairs near ‘Fast Travel Flag Post’ & then cross the steel suspension bridge and continue walking till you reach the insurgent stronghold. Clear the area and enter the building. You can find the journal on the right side over a box.


#5 Jocelyn Dunham’s Journal – The Journal is at ‘Radio Tower Antenna’. Enter into the building opposite the big Radio Tower Antenna through the stairs. You will find Journal near a pillar on the ground.

#6 Tracing the Signal – You can find this journal inside the big building of ‘Radio Tower Antenna.

#7-10 Alchemist Log – You can find all four journals inside Alchemist’s Laboratory during the side quest “The Scientific Method“. The location of retrieving these four journals is part of the area objective. You can find this side quest at the ‘Underground Lab ‘ location. #7 & #8 are in the hall as you enter the lab. #9 is after the first door and the last one is after second gate.

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