Outriders Gauss Boss Fight: Playing as Trickster

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How to Beat Gauss Boss in Outriders?

Gauss has a powerful lightning gun that fires lightning and can cause severe health damage. Gauss will also set up electrical traps on the ground and throw lightning balls. His third power is the floating lighting trap. To prevent this, you need to maintain a safe distance from all these ground traps and attack him. You can easily tackle Gauss’s attack with the timely hiding and correct shielding defense. 

Strategy to Defeat Gauss Boss:

STEP 1: To prevent Gauss from using his skill you need to interrupt him. A filling Casting Bar (orange bar) shows that an enemy is concentrating to use their ability (check below image). You can hit a casting enemy with your interrupt keyword skill to stop them.

STEP 2: While Gauss is concentrating to use his ability. Use this “Hunt the Prey” skill which allows you to highlight any visible enemy and, using this skill, will teleport you directly behind them. At the same time, you will additionally gain a percentage of your maximum health as a shield.

STEP 3: Once you get teleport behind Gauss, Interrupt him using the “Temporal Blade” skill. This will interrupt and temporarily paralyzed him. This is display by his skeleton becoming visible and then his movement greatly slowing down. Now, it’s time to use your gun and try to shoot him for maximum possible damage.

STEP 4: As your skill is about to end, run and hide behind the wooden blocks nearby and keep attacking him with a gun. Keep changing your hiding spot and protect yourself from his lighting attacks.

You have to follow and repeat these steps multiple time to defeat Gauss Boss

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