List of All Outriders Main Quest – Walkthrough & Guide

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Outriders Main Quest List

There is a total of 25 main missions on Outriders. This is a complete list for all Main Quest available in Outriders.

# Main Quest Location
1 New Beginning Prologue
2 Arrival Prologue
3 Tempest Prologue
4 Carnage Prologue
5 Reunion Rift Town
6 Dedication The First City
7 Salvation The First City
8 Inferno Eagle Peaks
9 Frequency Eagle Peaks
10 Detour Deadrock Pass
11 Mentor Trench Town
12 Onslaught Trench Town
13 Expedition Quarry
14 Mayhem Forest Enclave
15 Asylum Forest Enclave
16 Judgment The Stronghold
17 Relics Ancient Ruins
18 Retaliation The Gate
19 Beyond Dunes
20 Bonds Dunes
21 Bonds Utargak
22 Echoes Desolate Fort
23 Sacrifice Canyon of the Grand Obelisk
24 Babylon Pax City
25 Humanity The Caravel

The main quest will not get players all the way to the max level in Outriders, which is 30. Instead, it will get them close, and players will have to make up the rest from side quests, killing enemies, and other activities within the game. The campaign will reward players with plenty of loot, helping them to get their power level up.

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