How To Find All Journals Locations In Outriders Rift Town

  • Post published:April 2, 2021
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The Journal is an abstract of information in Outriders. The Journal, allows you to find information about characters, enemies, locations, collectible journals, and much more. Journals are unlocked after completing particular missions, encountering specific persons or enemies, or gathering specific journal entries.

Outriders Rift Town Journals Locations

There is a total of 11 Journal Entries in Rift Town. Few of them are easy to find whereas for others you have to complete a particular side mission.

Shaira’s Journal: Go downstairs through the stairs next to Shaira’s room. Journal is lying on the ground between wooden boxes.

The Relocation: Go downstairs to the main area and take a right turn. Journals are near a shop behind a generator.

The Landing:  Take left from your camp in rift town and then take a right towards the gas cylinder You will find the journal lying near a gas tank. See below image for reference.

Textile Manufacturing: Take left from your camp in rift town and then take a right towards the gas cylinder. Go all the way and take a right turn behind the wall at the end. You will find the journal in between frames.

Flores Flight Report: From the previous journal location go toward the hound’s base. Journal is lying beside the huge green-colored cylindrical units. See above image for reference.

Hounds Notes: Go toward the hound’s base. Head down the stairs and you will find the journal by the fire barrels on the stairs.

Feeding the Colony: From the defensive perimeter, go left towards the stairs. Go upstairs and you will find journals lying in the left corner of the wall.

The Coming End: Head toward Crossroads location as shown in the map after crossing the defensive perimeter. Cross the flag post and search till you find a corpse. The journal will be flying by the corpse.

Reiner’s Journal: You can find this journal during the payback side quest. Go inside the Bunker Hills and you will find multiple wooden boxes lying on the left of the hall. Near the boxes, you will find Reiner’s Journal

Eva’s Letter: You can find this journal during A BadDay side quest. During this side mission a Bad Day, your objective is to open a steel frame gate, you will find the journal right along with the gate inside a big steel container.

Barker’s Journal: This journal is also available during A BadDay side quest. Once you open the steel frame gate head straight to the end and go upstairs on the platform. You will find barker’s journal inside a room

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