Outriders Wreckage Zone Journals Locations Guide

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How to Find all Journals at Wreckage Zone region of Outriders?

There is a Total of Seven Journals at Wreckage Zone.

#1 Bruno Nyberg (ECA) – You can find the journal inside the tunnel. Start from the camp area enter the tunnel and, take the right turn. The Journal location is at the end of the tunnel end on the ground.

#2 Greybeard’s Journal (Private Journal) – You can find this journal at ‘Crevice‘ location. From the ‘Fast Travel’ flag pole, take the left tunnel as shown in the image. Continue to travel through the travel and take the first right turn. Journal is lying on the ground.



#3 The First Altered – Journal located at ‘Polluted Outpost‘. From the main battle area, as shown in the image, follow the path to the right. Continue to follow the route and take the right turn. You will find the journal lying on the ground.


#4 Power Struggle (the Endless War) – The journal is near ‘Factory Entrance’, you can find a journal lying on the ground near the ‘Fast Travel Flag pole’ close to a wall.


#5 Building the New World (Year 1 on Enoch) – You will get the area objective ‘Open the Gate’ at the ‘Factory Entrance’ location. Follow the path shown from the fast travel flag pole to the objective point. You can find the journal at the end of the room lying on the ground.

#6 People of Interest, Seth – Journal located at ‘Irradiated Shores’ and is part of the area objective ‘Clear the Rocks‘. Once you finished this objective, your journal updates automatically.

#7 A Letter to you, from Seth, Seth’s Journal – Journal located at ‘Irradiated Shores’. A cut scene will start once you complete the area objective ‘Clear the Rock‘ (#6 Journal). You can find this journal near Seth’s dead body.

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