Paris: All Mysteries | The Siege of Paris DLC | Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Collectibles Guide & Walkthrough

There are 3 mysteries in the Paris region of Francia, which was introduced in ‘The Siege of Paris’ DLC. ‘The Siege of Paris’ is the second major expansion of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, released on 12th August 2021. This article shows the location of all three mysteries and how to solve them.

The Ghost of Saint Germain

You will find this mystery south of Sigfred’s Forward camp as shown in the picture below. At the highlighted location you will find some villagers talking about seeing the ghost of Saint Germain at the roof of the chapel (See the third picture below). Climb to the top of the chapel, where you will find a note near a dead body. Read the note titled “Captain’s Order” to complete the mystery event.

Offering Altar: Le Vieil Arbre

You will find an offering altar at Le Vieil Arbre as shown in the picture below. Make an offering of 2 Animal Hearts and 100 Silvers to the altar to complete the mystery event. Both of the items are very easy to find. You can get animal hearts by killing big animals and looting their carcass.

The King of Rats

The third and final mystery of Paris is in Le Vieil Arbre at the location as shown in the picture below. At the marked location, go inside the house and kill the enemies. Then break the wooden planks covering a hole in the ground. Jump down the hole and move ahead in a linear path until you reach a big room. In this room, repel the rats into the sewer grates and read the strained note on the table to complete the mystery.

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