Parting Gifts Treasure Hunt | Coco Oven | Far Cry 6 Walkthrough

  • Post published:October 7, 2021
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This guide shows the complete walkthrough of the “Parting Gifts” treasure hunt in Far Cry 6. You can start the treasure hunt by reading the note at Coco’s Conuco Oven in, El Este.

Reach the stash in the coco oven

After reading the note, get inside the building behind it and pull out the two yellow wires from the machines as shown in the picture below.

Now go outside and disconnect the blue pickup truck from the trailer as shown below.

Get into the pickup truck and connect it to the orange generator. You can connect the truck to the generator by reversing it into the generator as shown below.

Drive the generator into the hut south of the coco oven as shown below. You will have to reverse the truck to get the generator inside the hut. If you are finding it difficult, you can disconnect the generator from the truck and push it inside the hut.

Once the generator is inside the hut, it will supply power to the blue water tank as shown below. Turn the valve on the water tank to put out the fire in the coco oven.

Once the fire in the coco oven is out, go inside to the back of the room. From there, look through the fan and shoot the lock on the roof hatch as shown in the second picture below.

Go outside and climb up the ladder to reach the roof hatch that you just unlocked. Dropdown through the hatch and collect the Storage Room key as shown below.

Now get out of the room, and use the key to enter the adjacent room. Inside the storage room, open the chest to complete the Treasure Hunt.

Reward: 150 Guerrilla XP, MGL-6 (Grenade Launcher), 1 Gun Powder (Resolver Material)

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