Passing the Torch: Three Switches Locations | Treasure Hunt | Far Cry 6 Walkthrough

  • Post published:October 7, 2021
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This guide shows the complete walkthrough of the ‘Passing the Torch’ treasure hunt in Far Cry 6. You can start the treasure hunt by reading the note at the highlighted location in Sierra Perdida, El Este.

Find the Three Switches

Objective: Reach the stash (If I find the three switches, it will open the locked door)

Behind the note, you will see an orange house with a locked door. To open the door, you will need to flip an orange switch in an open hut on the left side of the house. The switch is disabled and you will need to switch the power on to be able to flip it. To switch on the power, you will need to flip three other orange switches first.

Switch 1: The first switch is inside the yellow hut behind the red house. You can enter the hut through a secret entrance on the right side of black water tanks as shown below. The secret entrance is blocked with a wooden panel. Destroy the wooden panel and enter the hut to flip on the switch.

Switch 2: The second switch is inside a green hut further up the stairs. Go behind the house and jump across the platform to reach the ledge in front of the window as shown below. Enter the hut through the window and flip the switch inside the hut.

Switch 3: The third switch is inside a hut at the end of the stairs as shown below. This hut is next to a purple hut. Break the door to enter the hut and flip the switch

Once all three switches are flipped, the switch in the open hut at the bottom of the stairs will be activated. Flip it to open the locked door. Now enter the building to get the treasure to complete the treasure hunt.

Reward: 150 Guerrilla XP, 1 Supremo-Bond (Resolver Material), Fifteen Wishes (Wrist Gear), SPAS-12 (Shotgun)

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