Peril On Gorgon: All Unique Weapon & Armor Locations | The Outer Worlds

All Unique Weapons & Science Weapons Locations

Doctor’s Orders: Ambrose manor. You’ll need kitchen keycard and bedroom keycard

Most Dangerous Game: Byzantium. ‘Mostly Harmless’ Quest

Discharge: kill Blakeslee in ‘A clockwork mock apple’ quest

Hall of Famer Tossball Stick: In Invading ship during ‘Starship Hunters’ Quest

Employee Benefits Science Weapon: Reward for ‘The man in high orbit’ Quest

Wall of Swords: Reward for ‘The electric fling’ side quest in Sprat Shack 2nd floor

Overheat: Sprat Shack 2nd floor

Medal of Honor: Reward for ‘Love is the plan the plan is death’ quest

Handy Deconstruction tool: Purchase from Khaleel Chakroun

Aerial Assault: Purchase from Probably Carl

Contraband: Security Checkpoint

Infested Flechette gun: Security Checkpoint

Aqua Regia: CHEM lab

Tanaka’s Peacekeeper: CHEM lab

Lucky : Near CHEM lab

Agony: HIA 3rd floor

Shock and Awe: HIA 4th floor

Coolant Distributor: Mining accident area

Perfect Game: OCI 1st floor

Flurry: OCI 4th floor

The PET science weapon: Secret Hideout. ‘A Dialog Between Dead men’ Side quest

Special Delivery Science Weapon: Kill ‘Charles from Accounting’ in Marauder Stronghold

Gravedigger: SMC 1st floor

Prototype Light Pistol: SMC 4th floor. ‘Red Tape of Command’ quest

Equilibrium: Reactor lvl in SMC. Kill Olivia in the final quest ‘The Ambrose Intersection’

Grinder: Olivia’s lab in Ambrose Manor. You will reach there in the final quest ‘The Ambrose Intersection’

Burnout: Olivia’s lab in Ambrose Manor. Kill Minnie in the final quest ‘The Ambrose Intersection’

A Spade: Discreet Cave in Ambrose Manor. You will reach there in the final quest ‘The Ambrose Intersection’

Storm Cannon: On Olymous Station ina a room in the top left of the map (Not Shown in the Video)

All Unique Armor Locations

Cat’s Eye Pressure Helm: Purchase from Lex in Sprat Shack

Electrician’s Gear: Groundbreaker Auxiliary Maintenance Bay 2nd floor

Cell Stability Mono-Lens: Olympus. Give lift to Kelly to Groundbreaker.

Adoring Fan: SMC 3rd floor

Night Light: Virgil’s Research Site in the North East portion Gorgon canyon

Chrono Adaptive outfit: Reward for ‘rendezvous at Llama’ task

Wilderness Ops Armor: For ‘The Electric Fling’ side quest, give the phonographs to Georgie’s Automech

Wilderness Ops helmet: Trash Dump in the southern portion Gorgon canyon

Prototype Hibernation Suit & helmet: SMC Sub Level 2

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