Phantom of the Past – Genshin Impact 2.8 | Hidden Strife

This guide shows how to complete the world quest “Phantom of the Past” in the game Genshin Impact 2.8 Hidden Strife.

Go to Dawn Winery

As soon as the quest begins, go to Dawn Winery in Mondstadt’s southwest. Adelinde will mention some unsavory visitors at the Mondstadt and advise the traveler to look for Master Diluc in Falcon Coast.

Go to Falcon Coast & Investigate the Camp

Go to the Falcon Coast located on the eastern coast of Teyvat. At the camp investigate the paper and book near the tent. You will come to know that the ley lines have been stimulated in some way and are releasing monsters.

Investigate the Abnormal Ley Line Deposite

Next, interact with the orange fog at the beach.

Defeat the Opponent

Fight off all the enemies at the beach.

Discuss the situation with Paimon

The quest ends after the cutscene.

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