Phat Station Secret Area Locations: Oddworld Soulstorm (Walkthrough)

Oddworld: Soulstorm – How to get all secret areas in Phat Station

Secret area #1

You can find the first secret area in the initial part of the game. As you start the journey, you will come across a deviation from the main path. Drop down to another path. Here you have to collect stones by jumping from the ledge. These stones will come in handy to clear mines ahead. You will find the secret area at the end.

Secret area #2

After passing through the first steam zone, drop down a level and go in the reverse direction to find the secret area.

Secret area #3

As you move into the next area, you have to encounter multiple steam zone. After the last steam zone, you need to drop down using the ladder to find a secret area.

Secret area #4

In the next area, you need to go down using the elevator. There possess slig to clear other enemies in the area. Use the same slig to move the elevator go up, this will clear the path to go down further. Now, use monkey bars to reach the next secret area.

Secret area #5

After the first train ride, you need to go in the left direction and use the elevator to go down. Now use a wheel to open the path and jump through platforms to move ahead. Just before the last wheel, jump down a level below from the main path. There clear a few boxes to find the secret area.

Secret area #6

After the second train ride, go to the right side and enter a new area to save Mudkons. Continue your journey by sneaking past through enemies. Now, just before the last bird portal, drop down a level below the main path go in the reverse direction to find the secret area.

Secret area #7

After the last & third train ride, go in the right direction. In the end, use the ladder to go down. There you will find a secret area.

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