Pilgrim’s Landing Bridge Puzzles | God of War Ragnarok

Pilgrim’s Landing Bridge Puzzles

This guide shows how to solve all the Bridge Puzzles in the Pilgrim’s Landing area of the Vanaheim region in God of War Ragnarok. Click here to see the Cure for the Dead Favor walkthrough.

Pilgrim’s Landing Bridge Puzzle 1

After entering the area, go east. Here you will find a draw bridge. On the left side of the bridge, you will see some vines and a torch above it. Shoot a sigil arrow on the torch. This will cause an explosion, burning the vines. Now break the 2 locks on either side of the draw bridge as shown in the picture below. This will make the bridge come down.

Pilgrim’s Landing Bridge Puzzle 2

Cross the bridge and then turn left. Now see to your right. Here you will see a lock as shown in the picture below. Hit the lock to release a swing with a couple of torches on it.

Move the swing to the right, which will ignite the right torch as shown in the picture below.

Then shoot a few sigil arrows such that both the torches are in the effective range as shown in the picture below. Now shoot the right torch, which will cause an explosion. This will ignite the left torch.

Now, move the swing to the left side as shown in the picture below. This will ignite the torch on top of the cliff on the left side.

Shoot the torch on the left side with a sigil arrow as shown in the picture below. This will cause an explosion, burning the red vines blocking the lock on the draw bridge on the north side.

Break the locks on the draw bridge to make it come down. Then proceed ahead to get the legendary chest.

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