Pillinko Machine Puzzle in Pharmacy | Hollis’ Hot Streak | Psychonauts 2

You will come across the Pillinko Machine during the “Become a High Roller” mission in the “Hollis’ Hot Streak” level.

Become a High Roller: Hollis says I need 3 Gazillion dollars to get into the High Rollers Lounge?! Where am I gonna make that kinda dough?

To enter the High Roller Lounge you will need three Gazillion dollars. After being thrown out from the High Roller you will find yourself in a morgue with a cube at the center. The cube will have hatches on each side leading to different areas. On entering the pharmacy you will find a Pillinko Machine.

Objective: Maybe I could make a GAZILLION dollars playing that Pillinko machine in the Pharmacy? That would be just what the doctor ordered.

Talk to Nurse Cherry, standing at the bottom of the Pillinko Machine. After talking to her you will enter the Pillinko Machine for a chance to win a Gazillion dollars. Unfortunately, the game is rigged and you will be thrown out of the machine. You will now need to Unrig the machine in order to will the Gazillion dollars.

Thought Bubble Puzzle

To unrig the machine, you will first need to talk to 3 NPCs on the second floor. Talking to Pillinko Nurse will create two thought bubbles: Decisions and Colors. Talking to the Old patient will create two more thought bubbles: Wisdom and victory. Talking to the young patient will create two more thought bubbles: Quitting and Death. After talking to the three NPCs you will have six thought bubbles. Now you will need to alter the thoughts of the NPCs by connecting the correct thought bubbles.

First, connect “Wisdom” and “Decision”. This will create a new “Judgement” thought bubble.

Next, connect “Judgement” and “Quitting”. This will create a new “Moderation” thought bubble at the backside of the Pillinko Machine.

Now, connect “Victory” and “Moderation”. This will open a new secret path at the backside of the Pillinko Machine as shown in the picture below.

On entering the secret area, you will see two new thought bubbles, “Hide” & “Fellings”, near the heart at the end of the course. As the course starts, destroy the purple barrier using PSI blast. This will reveal a bouncy heart. Use it to jump to the upper platform. From there, follow the linear course jumping through more bouncy hearts to reach the “Hide” & “Fellings” thought bubbles. Connecting them will move the heart to the correct position in the Pillinko Machine.

After you have moved the heart to the correct location, talk to Nurse Cherry again to start a new game of Pillinko Machine. Make way to the stomach, marked with the $$$$$ sign as shown in the picture below. The game will finish on entering the stomach and you will win a gazillion dollars.

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