Planthut: Superb Loot & Other Collectibles | Biomutant Walkthrough

  • Post published:May 27, 2021
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Find the Mindmonitors and Superb Loot in Planthut: Biomutant

Below are the area objectives at Planthut in Biomutant!

Superb Loot x2

    • As you enter planthut, head toward the trail on the left side.
    • In a metal cabinet inside a greenhouse in front of the car.
    • In the trunk of the red-color car in the middle of the area

Old World Gadget x1

Mindmonitors are one of Biomutant’s many Old-World gadgets. These old computers have rotation puzzles that need to be solved to complete the quest. 

    • Interact with the Mindmonitor (computer) inside the same greenhouse where you got loots.
    • Mindmonitor is on a desk in the greenhouse.
    • Make yellow color in nodes to face yellow color and same with white color.

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