Pokemon Mystery Dungeon Rescue Team Beginners’ Guide: 15 Things I Wish I Knew Earlier

1. Daily Reward

You’ll get a reward every day from the Felicity Bank. The reward will be a random item which is useful. All you have to do is go to the Bank every morning and make a transaction (withdrawal or deposit) for any amount.

2. Manage Items and Money before entering the Dungeon

If your rescue team is defeated in the dungeon, you lose all the items and money you had with you. But your items in the storage and money in the bank will be safe. Therefore you should store your items and deposit your money before going for a quest in the dungeon.

Storing your items will also create space in your toolbox which can be useful for picking up items that you discover in the dungeon. Carry only few important items into the dungeon like apples, potions, and orbs etc. as per your needs.

Deposit your money in the Felicity Bank. Carry only a small amount for buying items from the dungeon shop and for making rescue camps from the dungeon.

3. Rescue Team and Attack composition

A rescue team can have 3 Pokemons and each Pokemon has 4 moves / attacks. These are some basic rules you should keep in mind.

  • It’s better if the 3 Pokemons in a rescue team are of 3 different types.
  • The types of moves learned by your Pokemons should also be different.
  • There should be a variety in the range of attacks.

4. Auto-Mode

Inside the dungeon you can press ‘L’ to activate auto-mode. In auto-mode your rescue team moves automatically (auto-mode doesn’t work if an enemy is nearby).

Set the auto-mode to ‘exploring’ (go to menu –> select options –> go to ‘Basic 2’ tab –> Set the focus in auto-mode to ‘exploring’). In ‘exploring’ mode your rescue team will explore and collect all the items before leaving the level.

5. Switch Pokemon Leader

One Pokemon (out of three) is the rescue team leader who is under your control. You can switch the team leader any time you want by pressing ‘+’ button.

6. Trick to Manage Hunger

While exploring the dungeon the rescue team leader becomes hungry and could also die if the hunger is not taken care of. It’s interesting to note that only the Pokemon leader (who is under your control) is affected by hunger. Hunger meter of the other two Pokemons in the rescue team doesn’t deplete.

So, if your Pokemon Leader is hungry you can simply switch the leader by pressing ‘+’ button. The hungry Pokemon won’t be the leader anymore and his hunger meter won’t deplete. This will give your team some more time to explore the dungeon.

7. Symbols for Attack Effectiveness

While facing the enemy press ‘ZL’ to open the attack list of the Pokemon. On the left of each attack is a symbol which denotes the effectiveness of that attack against the enemy.

  • Red Target: Super Effective
  • Orange Circle: Normal Damage
  • Blue Triangle: Low Damage
  • Blue Cross: No Damage

Use super-effective attacks for maximum damage.

8. Understanding the Dungeon Tiles / Grids

Understanding the basics of Tile / Grid system in the dungeon will help you in the fights.

  • Hold ‘Y’ button to see the Tiles in the dungeon.
  • Use ‘L-stick’ while holding ‘Y’ to change the direction of the Pokemon.
  • Keep 2 things in mind while attacking the enemy:
    • Your Pokemon must be facing the enemy (otherwise the attack won’t hit the enemy). Holding ‘Y’ reveals the tiles as well as makes your Pokemon face the enemy. In case of multiple enemies, change direction of your Pokemon to face the enemy you intend to hit.
    • Check the distance between your Pokemon and the enemy attack accordingly. If the distance is 4 tiles you must use an attack which has a range of 4 tiles. Front attacks must be used for enemies standing in your next tile.

9. PP0 Symbol

Sometimes a PP0 symbol appears below the HP bar of a Pokemon in your rescue team. PP0 means the power points of an attack has become zero. The Pokemon won’t be able to use that attack anymore. Open your toolbox and drink Max Ether to restore the PP of that move.

10. Wigglytuff Orb

Inside the dungeon you meet other Pokemons who tag along your rescue team for the adventure. If you want to permanently recruit a Pokemon you must have the necessary rescue camp for that Pokemon. Wigglytuft Orb lets you make a rescue camp from the Dungeon.

First check out which rescue camp is required for the Pokemon you want to recruit. Open menu, go to status and check the guest section to find out which camp you need to make. Now, you can use the Wigglytuff Orb (from toolbox) to create that particular camp. When the adventure in the dungeon ends you’ll be able to recruit that Pokemon.

11. Wonder Tiles

Wonder Tiles are green colored tiles found in the Dungeon. Standing on the wonder tiles will reset any status condition that you’ve. If your status condition is WEAKENED standing on the wonder tile will normalize your status condition. If your status condition is BOOSTED, then you must avoid the wonder tiles.

To check your status condition, go to the ‘status’ section in menu, select a Pokemon from your rescue team and scroll right / left to get to the ‘status condition’ tab.

12. Gravelerock

You must have noticed many Gravelerocks in your toolbox. If you don’t have any ranged attacks, you can throw Gravelerock on the enemies from a distance for a fixed amount of damage.

Open your toolbox, go over Gravelerock and press ’A’ to see the options. You can select ‘throw’ and directly throw the rock at the enemy (provided you’re facing the enemy). You can also select ‘register’ and assign a shortcut (ZR + ZL) for throwing the rock.  If you register and throw rock using ‘ZR + ZL’, other team members will also throw gravelerock.

13. Escape Orb

If your rescue team is defeated inside the dungeon, you lose all the items and money you had. This makes ‘escape orb’ a must have toolbox item. If you’re in a tough situation and can’t fight your way forward, you can open the toolbox and use the ‘escape orb’ to escape the dungeon.

14. Rainbow and DX Gummies

You can get Gummies from the dungeon chests, as quest rewards and as wonder mail bonuses. Gummies can be used to upgrade Pokemon. To use the Gummies, you need to go the Rescue Team Camps (which is on the left side from your home). Select a Rescue Camp and choose the Pokemon you want to upgrade. To upgrade the Pokemon you need to make them eat gummies.

Effect of Rainbow Gummi:

  • It randomly boosts one the stats (HP, Attack, Sp. Attack, Defense, Sp. Defense or Speed) by +1.
  • Sometimes, it’ll boost a stat by +1 and will also give you a Rare Quality.
  • If you’re lucky, it’ll boost a stat by +3 or +5.

Effect of DX Gummi:

  • You’ll definitely get a Rare Quality besides getting a +1-stat boost.

15. Wonder Mail

You can access the Wonder Mail from MAIN MENU where you can input 8-digit passwords to get bonus items and side quests.

CLICK HERE for complete list of the Wonder Mail Passwords and Bonuses.

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