Portunid on the Beach | Tower of Fantasy

This guide shows how to get three Portunid on the Beach for the Taste of the Sea Side Quest in the Tower of Fantasy game. Tower of Fantasy is an open-world MMORPG Gacha Game that was released worldwide on 11th August 2022.

Taste of the Sea

You will get the Taste of the Sea quest by talking to a kid named Jupiter in Astra at the location shown in the picture below. Jupiter will ask you to catch 3 Portunid on the beach.

How to get Portunid on the Beach

Go to the beach east of Jupiter’s location and catch three crabs as shown in the picture below to complete the objective. your next objective will be to catch 2 Darby’s Sturgeon in Blue River.

How to get Darby’s Sturgeon in Blue River

To catch Darby’s Sturgeon, go to the river on the north side of Ruin A-01 at the location shown in the picture below. You need to wait until sunset to be able to find Darby’s Sturgeon. Darby’s Sturgeon is quite a rare spawn but if you swim up and down the river in the marked area, then you can easily find two in a few minutes. Darby’s Sturgeon are green colored as shown in the second and third pictures below. once you have caught two Darby’s Sturgeon, report back to Jupiter to complete the quest.

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