Potion Of Blood: Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Wrath Of The Druids

How To Complete Potion Of Blood | How to Locate & Kill the Wren

The quest starts in Cashelore, after the Foothold in Connacht quest.

Starting Location

    • Your first objective in Potion of Blood is to find and speak to Barid. Approach Barid who will be marked by a quest marker at Cashelore‘s southern ringfort to initiate a cutscene.
    • Meet with Ciara at Cashelore’s gate – Talk to Ciara, she will be highlighted on the map.
    • Find and Speak to Dierdre – Ride along with Ciara across the woods in search of Dierdre’s hut in Asfinn. The path to Dierdre’s hut has carved stones along the path. Enter the hut to speak to Deirdre.
    • Dierdre gives you the task of finding The Wren, one of the Children of Danu. 

Clue #1: 1st clue is automatic during the main quest. 

Finding The Wren

Clue #2: Investigate the abandoned cottage on the shore outside Port Auley. The abandoned cottage is next to the dock at the base of the mountain. Enter it and examine the clue on top of the sacks.

Clue #3: Note found in Port Auley directs you to investigate the ritual stone located on a small island in Lough Gara.

The Wren can be tracked after getting the 3 clues. She can be found in the town called Rathcroghan in the middle of Connacht region. She’s a small woman walking around the market square. Go to the order menu; you can now mark The Wren’s location on your map. 

Head to Rathcroghan once The Wren‘s identity has been revealed and assassinate her.

Return to Deirdre’s hut in Asfinn and speak with Ciara. This completes the quest 

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