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Hogwarts Legacy: Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2

This guide shows how to complete Professor Hecat’s Assignment 2 in the Hogwarts Legacy game, which released on 10th February 2023. You will learn the Expelliarmus spell by completing the assignment.

Cast Incendio on enemies x 5

This is a very simple objective. You just need to hit 5 enemies with Incendio 5 times. You can hit the same enemy with Incendio multiple times too, but make sure that the fire from the first attack stops before you attack them again.

Successfully avoid enemy attacks by dodge rolling

This is also a very straightforward objective but many players are finding it difficult to complete it. I will tell you a trick that will help you complete the objective very easily. Go to the location shown in the picture below. There you will find a Great Spined Dugbog. It is relatively easy to dodge its attacks. Initiate a fight and when a promo appears as shown in the second picture below, press ‘O’ on PlayStation or ‘B’ on Xbox. This will make you dodge roll the attack. Make sure that you press these buttons only, even if the prompt says otherwise.

Attend Defence against the Dark Arts class during the day

After the objectives are complete, go and talk to Professor Hecat in the Defence against the Dark Arts class during the day and she will teach you the Expelliarmus spell. This will complete the objective.

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