Professor Howin’s Assignment in Hogwarts Legacy

This walkthrough will guide you through all objectives of Professor Howin’s Assignment. The professor wants you to acquire a Giant Purple Toad and a Diricawl. This assignment will help you to unlock the Bombarda charm.

Requirement: You need to complete the Main Quest: Charles Rookwood’s Trial

To unlock a Spell called Bombarda, we need to catch a Diricawl and a Giant Purple Toad with the nab-sack.

Acquire a Diricawl with the Nab-Sack

Giant Purple Toad that you need to find will have their general locations marked on your map. Giant Purple Toad is marked at North Ford Bog region.

Use your Nab-Sack to rescue one. The Giant Purple Toads are easier to catch. You can lay some bait to lure them and approach from behind.

Acquire a Giant Purple Toad with the Nab-Sack

Head to the location marked on the Hogwarts Valley region to find a nest of Diricawl. Use your Nab-Sack to rescue one. Diricawl runs away quickly when you approach it. The best approach is to lay out some Beast Feed to lure it in and then approach slowly from behind. If it is going to run, use Accio to pull it in close before deploying the Nab-Sack.

Attend Beasts Class During the Day

After catching both the animals, attend the Beasts Class During the Day.
Hogwarts Castle > Bell Tower Wing > Beasts Classroom

Return to Professor Howin

Finally, talk to Professor Howin to learn about Bombarda.

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