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Hogwarts Legacy: Professor Onai’s Assignment

This guide shows how to complete Professor Onai’s Assignment in the Hogwarts Legacy game, which released on 10th February 2023. You will learn the Descendo spell by completing the assignment.

Collect Troll Bogeys

Troll Bogeys are dropped by trolls. Simply find and defeat trolls to get Troll Bogeys. There are multiple locations where you can find trolls in the game. I will show two such locations in the article. Go to the Troll Lair in Fieldcroft region as shown in the pictures below and you will find trolls there. There are more troll lairs in the area.

You will also find a troll on the north side of Medium Bandit Camp in the South Sea Bog region as shown in the pictures below. Simply defeat the troll and get Troll Bogeys.

Cast Depulso on a Levitated Enemy

Use Levioso to levitate an enemy and then use Depulso on them to complete the objective.

Attend Divination Class During the Day

Follow the marker to reach the Divination class during the day to complete the objective.

Return to Professor Onai

Talk to Professor Onai and she will teach you the Descendo spell. This will complete the assignment.

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