Psychonauts 2 All Memory Vaults Locations

Memory Vaults are a type of collectible item in Psychonauts 2. It has the shape of a cute little pig-like safe. Each mind has two or fewer Memory Vaults running around. In Psychonauts 2, there are a total of 20 Memory Vaults. You can attack them with a melee attack only to reveal a slideshow with a backstory on the character whose mind you are currently inside.

#1 Loboto’s Labyrinth Memory Vault 1

Brain Level: Loboto’s Labyrinth
The first Memory Vault is in the office space where you fall along with Coach and encounter Censors for the first time. On the left, you will find a shelf with boxes (beside Loboto’s portrait) obstructing a fleshy room with a dentist’s chair in it. Blast through the boxes to get inside and catch the Memory Vault.

#2 Loboto’s Labyrinth Memory Vault 2

Brain Level: Loboto’s Labyrinth
You cannot get this on the first visit. As you progress in the game you will new physic ability ‘ Mental Connection’ from Hollis’ Hot Steak. Using this ability you can grapple the white circles. It’s located on the Asylum area of the level.

How to visit earlier Brains: Go to the Agents area in Motherlobe to find a Brain Tumbler in Sasha Nein’s lab. You can talk to Sasha or use the Brain Tumbler to get to the Collective Unconscious hub. You’ll have access to any brain you’ve previously visited once you enter here.

#3 Hollis’ Classroom Memory Vault 1

Brain Level: Hollis’ Classroom
The Hollis’ Classroom Memory Vault is in the Emergency Room of the hospital where you encounter Half-A-Mind for the first time. Used Mental Connection to open the vault to the next room, you’ll see the Memory Vault in the corridor. Enter the open vaults to locate Memory Vault. 

#4 Hollis’ Hot Streak Memory Vault 1

The Memory Vault can be found in the ‘Doctor’s Only’ section of the level. Enter this area and follow the loop to find Memory Vault.

#5 Ford’s Follicles Memory Vault 1

Continue on after fighting few Censors for the first time to reach a new area. The Memory Vault is available near just before few more Censors respawn again. It is sitting in front of a pamphlet that read “War Going On?”

#6 Compton’s Cookoff Memory Vault 1

The first Memory Vault is at the lower level near the chopping pig’s left hoof.

#7 Compton’s Cookoff Memory Vault 2

The second Memory Vault is sitting near the blender.

#8 Strike City Memory Vault 1

At this level, you will have to ride a bowling ball. Ride the bowling ball past the first bowling pins. After that, follow the path behind the large billboard to find another set of bowling pins. Knockdown pins to reveal the Memory Vault at a lower level.

#9 PSI King’s Sensorium Memory Vault 1

The first Memory Vault is available during the level’s Vision section. You’ll need to cross fast-moving fans after clearing the first bridge of light. Use Timebubble to change the flow of time for fast-moving objects. After passing through two fast-moving fans, you’ll come across a wooden jail with a memory Vault inside. Using the Projection ability, you can enter the jail. Return to the jail once you’ve Projection ability.

#10 PSI King’s Sensorium Memory Vault 2

Memory Vault in the Concessions part of the level. At the start of the area, you need to walk across a tight rope. There is a jail-like room on the right with a Memory Vault inside it. You need Projection ability, return to the jail once you’ve Projection ability.

#11 Cruller’s Correspondence Memory Vault

Inside International Dead Letter’s Office, you will find a Ford Robot managing all the letters. Find your way to reach the Ford robot’s torso. You’ll see the Memory Vault right next to the gears

#12 Tomb of the Sharkophogus Memory Vault

The Memory Vault is located at the beginning of the graveyard. It is at a corner near a grave with a tree trunk. It will only appear after you have completed the level once.

#13 Cassie’s Collection Memory Vault 1

It is available after going through the second 2D book section of the level, after the room with the mathematics equations. As you return to the third dimension, look behind the book and desk to find the Memory Vault.

#14 Cassie’s Collection Memory Vault 2

It is available in the Printing section when Raz is told to collect evidence. To find it, go to the top of the printing area, climb up the books to the left, and look for a paper door in a book at the corner. Enter it to be teleported to another location on the map. Climb to the area’s apex to find the second Memory Vault.

#15 Bob’s Bottles Memory Vault 1

The first Memory Vault can be found after entering Bob’s memories via the green bottle. Look to the locked door on the right as you enter. Here to open the door you need to use your Projection ability. This will allow your projection to pass through the letter hole and open it from inside.

#16 Bob’s Bottles Memory Vault 2

The second Memory Vault is in the final battle, in the area known as Bog of the Betrothed. Once in this area, go to the right across the Lilli platforms to find a straw rail leading to a secret area. Go here and jump across the long dining table until you reach the Memory Vault room.

#17 Lucrecia’s Lament Memory Vault 1

The first Memory Vault can be found in the Flea Circus area. You can find the Memory Vault on the floor near a big Jar colored with Red and White.

#18 Lucrecia’s Lament Memory Vault 2

The second Memory Vault can be found in the first quilt section of the level. First, cross the river and look to the right to find the Memory Vault hiding near grass and a pumpkin.

#19 Fatherland Follies Memory Vault 1

Memory Vault is near the statue of Maligula during the first part of the ride. On the right of Maligula’s feet is a rail track. Follow it to find the first Memory Vault.

#20 Fatherland Follies Memory Vault 2

It is located in the Whispering Rock section of the level. Go into one of the smaller cabins at the end and follow the path. I have attached a screenshot for reference. Inside the cabin break the shinning wall with PSI blast and follow the path to find the Memory Vault at the end.

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