Pudding Isle Anemo Elemental Monument Puzzle: Genshin Impact 2.8

This guide shows how to complete the “Pudding Isle Anemo Totem Puzzle” in the game Genshin Impact 2.8. The Anemo Totems Puzzle can only be activated is available after you have completed the “Pudding Isle Electro Totem Puzzle”

Pudding Isle Electro Totem Puzzle

Go to the bonsai island and change the stone formation on both sides of the bonsai to Hoveringlight Rocks.

Next, Teleport to the middle of Pudding Isle and glide down from the northern cliff of the mountain to reach the Electro Totem Puzzle location.

Next, go to your party setup and select a player with Electro ability. Light up all four electro torches to get an exquisite chest as a reward.

Pudding Isle Anemo Totem Puzzle

Go to bonsai island and change the stone formation to Hoverlight Rocks: Left and Leisurely Rocks: Right

Next, Teleport to the middle of Pudding Isle. The Anemo Totems are found directly Southwest of the Teleport Waypoint on Pudding Isle.

In order to solve the Anemo Totem Puzzle, you will need to activate the totems according to the order of how the Electro Seelie is flying on the wall on the Northeast side of the island. For this, you can visit the Electro Totem Puzzle location and interact with the Electro Seelie to see its flying pattern.

For a quick solution for the Anemo Puzzle refer to the below image to see the order of activation.

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